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Terms and Conditions

Detailed terms and conditions below apply to all users (www.bookupiq.com) and its use have agreed to all the terms and conditions specified in this page

1. Scope of Services

Through the website, we are doing (www.bookupiq.com) partners (distributors) Affiliates us to provide a platform on the Internet (including all types of temporary housing and motels and guest houses and B & Bs and accommodations in general, hotels) which announced their rooms for reservations, but site visitors make those reservations. Make a booking through Booking.iq, you enter into a direct contractual relationship (legally binding) with accommodation providers which you conducted your reservation with them. From the point at which are conducting the reservation, we will work only as an intermediary between you and the providers of accommodation, so skinny reservation details to the relevant hotel and send you a confirmation email on behalf of the accommodation providers.When providing our services, the information that we disclose the information provided to us by accommodation providers are based. As such, accommodation providers to get permission to enter the internal network, where they are fully responsible for updating all information on prices, availability and other information that is displayed on our site. Although we will use the skill and care of the serious in the performance of our services, but we will not verify or guarantee whether all the information is accurate or complete or correct. We can not be responsible for any errors (including graphic and typographic) errors, or any interruptions (whether due to any breakdown, repair, or the development or maintenance of (temporary and / or partial) of our website or otherwise). We can not be responsible for inaccurate information or misleading or incorrect, or the lack of information delivery. Each applicant remains in charge of the place of residence at all times for the accuracy, completeness and correctness of the information (meta) (including prices and availability) displayed on our website. Our site does not constitute and should not be considered as a recommendation or endorsement of the quality or level of service or efficiency rating or any place of residence is available on the site.Our services are available for personal use only and non-commercial use. Therefore, do not allow you to resell or deepen the link, use or copy or monitor (for example, the use of a spider or scrap), display, download or reproduce any content or information, software, products or services available on our website, for any activity or commercial purpose or competitively.

2. Disclaimer

Rehana bookings reserves the right to change the content of the site pages and any of the Terms and Conditions or shut down the Web site or online booking department temporarily or permanently at any time, without prior notice or compensation.Rehana bookings is not liable for damages of any kind may result from these changes and / or non-availability of temporary or even permanent closure of all or part of the Site or its associated services, such as booking department online. Oris)

3. cancellation and no-showIf

Adtarark to repeal or amend the booking, please call the company Rehana bookings to confirm the cancellation or amendment, noting that the cancellation fees vary from one hotel to another (Amendments) 

All of hotels do not have any cancelltion in HIGH Season like Arbaeen -Arafeh and hotels will not any refund money to customer .

4. Public Booking terms and conditions

When you've made the booking, your contract (which includes these terms and conditions)will be with bookupadvisor system. You will be sent bookupadvisor for bookings e-mail message sums up the ratification of booking by the client and confirm receipt of the link by the online booking site.

5. Price

Prices shown on the website represents the total value of the stay is required. No meals, service or value-added tax (at the current price, and if the payment was booking non-refundable and non-transferable for the purchase prices and promotional and seasonal provided.If you do not we get the full amount in time we may be entitled booking canceled by the client in this case we reserve the amount of booking or any amounts Introduction secure as cancellation owed us Fees consideration, may impose some hotels of different repayment in specific schedules and may not notify us so only after your booking confirmation, in the case of the application of this on your booking we will let you know as soon as the hotel notified us this requirement.

6. The right to compensationIn

The event of breach of the Terms and Conditions of this site or notifications or documents referred to it, or your violation of any law or the rights of third parties, the bookupadvisor have the ability to deduct any amounts owed to them.

7. users of the site

This site services are available only to individuals who can conclude binding contracts under applicable law and, therefore, not available to minors. By using this site, you acknowledge that you in sufficient legal age to use this site and create binding legal obligations for any liability you may incur as a result of using this site. And also ensure that you are legally authorized to make reservations for yourself or for another person authorized to represent him.

8. Customer Service and Complaint

HandlingShould send your inquiries and requests for information to the e-mail info@bookupadvisor.com or customer can call service +964 - 7733336330 For complaints, is sending the e-mail info@bookupadvisor.com where they are receiving these complaints on behalf of the supplier, and to facilitate the process of considering the complaints is, it is recommended that customers submit their complaints within 28 days of the end of the trip.For complaints of loss of luggage, clothing or personal property, theft or damage in the event that they are not under the control of the client during his stay, it should be directed to the airline or hotel.

9. Force Majeure

It can not be a bookupadvisor.com to accept liability or pay any compensation for affected the efficiency of the contract due to circumstances that fall within the "force majeure". Falling under the "Cairo force" conditions include any Hzt we can not be predicted or avoided, even with the full our care. Such circumstances include the destruction or damage to your shelter (which does not make sense to fit the thinking of advance before the start of your vacation) through fire, flood, explosion, storms or other weather damage, storm the building, damage criminal, riots or civil conflicts, Industrial Business or natural or nuclear disaster, fire, adverse weather conditions, war threat or war, terrorist activity or actual threat thereof, and the epidemic and all similar cases, beyond our control.

10. (more) communication and correspondence

Batmamkm booking you agree to receive (a) e-mail message could we send to you shortly before the date of arrival, so that give you information on your destination and some of the information and presentations (including presentations by third parties, according to the degree to which Achtrkim where to get this information) and relevant Bhdzkm and Ugetkm, and (b) e-mail message could we send to you after your stay in the place of residence shortly invite you to complete our form own comments guests. Please read our privacy policy and cookies For more information about how we communicate with you.

11. user views and comments

Rehana company may be put to the booking service that allows users of the website publish their views and comments and other materials relating to hotels and travel experiences and other leave ( "User Material"), provided that the user any ownership rights may be reserved for him in the user materials, may also be the company Kreznt Tours abandon (limited) use of these materials, copied and distributed and made available freely by any means and in any form without the user's permission. In providing this service user must explicitly agree to send only suitable materials for this service and abide by the terms and conditions of the user and any associated guidelines, as available on the website.

12. Services of hotels / resorts / villas

Customer acknowledges that each hotel / resort / villa is directly responsible for the availability of services and features included with respect to him and therefore bookupadvisor is not responsible for non-availability of these services or features him during his stay in hotel / resort / villa, nor does it bear any liability with respect to the description of the hotel / resort / villa, so If one of the services or features are especially important for you, you should check with bookupadvisor for bookings, hotel / resort / villa / supplier directly to inquire whether this service or feature will be available to you during your stay or not; it may be some of these services are not available for all room types, for example, swimming, beaches and air-conditioners, pools may be available only in certain seasons of the year without the other, so you have to ascertain whether these services will be available to you during your stay or not

13. Passports and visas

Must have a valid passport for all travelers and Surrey and on persons passengers travel on the passport of a family traveling with his passport, and you have before you travel review visa requirements with the Consulate tourist destination office in your country or through the official websites. And please in case of delays in the booking request, make sure that you have enough time to get the necessary visas if required. And you must ensure that you have a valid passport and a valid visa in a timely manner, and will not bear Kreznt Tours Company (Ltd) or any of our suppliers any responsibility for not travel as a result of failure to comply with any requirements to obtain a passport or visa or immigration requirements.



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