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1.  “BookupAdvisor” Project is a pioneer project in the tourism field in the region.

2.  “BookupAdvisor” Project is an advanced project in the process of automating this type of reservation so that the user gets the possibility to compare the various options of rooms, rates, and specifications and facilities to choose what suits him.

Abstract about the Project implementers

The project is an integrated project between the two teams:-

1. The Team Work of “International Raihana” which Have a long experience in tourist hotel Work …

2. Technical Team have long experience extends for tens of years in web applications programming.

2. Focus on hotels scattered in geographic areas not covered by other hotel booking systems

3. Initiative, openness and communication with hotels and help them integrate with the system of "BookupAdvisor " and not wait for the initiative of the hotels.




4. Providing “bulk booking” for tourism campaigns in the system

5. " BookupAdvisor " offers room booking services and transportation of cars and shuttle buses to provide a comprehensive service to the beneficiaries.



6. " BookupAdvisor " supports different languages to process bookings

7. " BookupAdvisor " supports some currencies that are not offered by other hotels booking systems:-

8. One of the most important features " BookupAdvisor " is to give the customer a choice of several methods of payment in order to allow the possibility of booking of various Visitors

9. The project combines two forms of transactions in order to incorporate a wide range of users

10. To achieve the goal of the project, It was necessary for the project (from the administrative side) to includes several types of supervisors:-


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