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Cancel / Modify your reservation

To cancel your booking you must follow the following steps:-

1- You must log in the site with your account that you created during booking.

2- From my account menu on the left of page, select a page (My Reservations forms) you'll see a page that includes all your previous reservations.

3- Select the reservation that you want to cancel, click on cancel button, then you will receive an email that confirms your cancellation and money back invoice.

4- If you find the Cancel button is non active, it means that you have exceeded the allowed time of cancellation. Note that only a few days before your booking date is allowed to cancel your booking, you can check them before making your reservation.

5- In this case, you have to contact the customer service center or send an email, includes your name, reservation number and date.

6- The administration of the site will cancel your reservation and give your money after deducting a specific amount of money because you have exceeded the time the allowed time of cancellation, you can know more about this amount of money in the cancellation policy of the hotel that you have booked.

7- After the cancellation is done you will receive an email to inform you the details of cancellation and the amount of money that will be paid.



For any reason, if you would like to reschedule your booking, please contact our customer service, provide them your name, booking reference number and date, also you can email this information on reserve@bookupadvisor.com. We work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


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